The DLPT exam evaluates the ability to understand written and/or spoken material presented in a foreign language.  The test is open to any Airman that wishes to demonstrate foreign language proficiency.  Depending on the needs of the Air Force, demonstrated proficiency in some languages can result in Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB) pay.  The online DLPT exam is administered over two days in two separate 3-hour blocks and, typically, consists of a reading and listening portion.  In some instances, a telephonic Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) will be administered instead of, or in addition to, the online exam.

The DLAB exam evaluates potential ability to complete formal foreign language training. It is used to screen and select foreign language trainees.  It is an online exam administered in one 90-minute block and consists of a reading and listening portion.

The Education and Training Center offers the DLPT and DLAB twice a month.  To schedule an exam, members will need to send an email request to edoffice@elmendorf.af.mil.

While no official DLPT study materials exist, some members have found it helpful to prepare for the exam by taking foreign language classes.  The JBER Library also has language building systems available, such as Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language.  There are currently no recommended study materials available for the DLAB exam.